North Carolina School Accelerator

The North Carolina School Accelerator was launched by Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) in 2012 to equip education leaders with tools to design effective educational programs and strengthen community partnerships in order to start and sustain high quality public charter schools in rural communities. With increased demand for options across the Tar Heel State, the NC School Accelerator will provide those services to public charter AND private schools as the we aim to increase the number of high quality educational options in rural and academically challenged areas while also serving as an economic development tool.


By the Numbers

Students enrolled in public charter schools
Children on waiting lists to attend public charter schools
New public charter schools open in 2017-18
Public charter schools currently open in North Carolina
Counties that have a public charter school student
Counties in North Carolina that currently DO NOT have public charter schools as of the 2016-17 School Year
Counties are home to a public charter school

By the Numbers

Private Schools Participating in North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program
Students enrolled in private schools
Private school choice programs: Opportunity Scholarship Program, Children with Disabilities Grant, Special Needs Education Savings Account
Opportunity Scholarships Awarded for 2017-2018
Counties without a private school
Families on the Opportunity Scholarship Program waitlist.



39 counties in North Carolina are still without a public charter school.

11 counties in North Carolina do not have a private school option.

Partners & Donors


  • -Giving direct support to public charter and private schools across North Carolina in rural and academically challenged areas.
  • -Assisting schools across the state by informing parents of their options and helping public charter and private schools register new students.
  • -Connect schools with partners in the community that provide support in the areas of academics, school culture, and school leadership.

Our Goals

    I. Accelerate the opportunities in underserved communities 
    II. Accelerate opportunities for school expansion or programming
    III. Accelerate school leader talent

“I’m excited for our organization to partner with Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina as we work to create greater economic and educational opportunity statewide, as we have monitored and admired PEFNC’s effort for quite some time. At the Carolina Small Business Development Fund, we’ve often said that small businesses are the economic engines of a healthy community. Schools illustrate this concept on a fundamental level: They provide the skills and know-how to start that engine in the first place.”
-Lenwood Long, Sr.
CSBDF President and CEO


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