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We are seeking candidates seeking to build schools in the rural or underserved areas of North Carolina with a heavy emphasis on organizations seeking to replicate their high quality models.

To prepare aspiring teams of public charter school leaders with the skills and resources they need to open high-quality schools, the North Carolina Public Charter School Accelerator has developed, from national best practices, comprehensive training sessions along with access to local and national support. The North Carolina Public Charter School Accelerator recruits top talent and walks them through an intense curriculum “boot camp” designed to help potential school leaders write a high-quality public charter school application and then assist them during the planning year.

Once approved by the State, successful candidates will receive multiple levels of support during their planning year which includes a series of training’s, strategic planning sessions and visits to high impact public charter schools.

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•    The North Carolina Public Charter School Accelerator program creates a pipeline of highly-qualified public charter school leaders capable of opening and maintaining public charter schools.

•     All of our Accelerator candidates undergo a rigorous application process and then go through an intensive training process to ensure they have every tool needed to not only write a successful public charter school application, but will also be ready to effectively operate a public charter school.



•    During the second phase, public charter school leaders will be selected to participate in the North Carolina Public Charter School Accelerator program after going through a competitive vetting process. The application process for this phase is open to Phase I participants as well as other public charter school leaders who have received preliminary approval to open their doors.

•    The North Carolina Public Charter School Accelerator may help mitigate risk for participating public charter schools by assisting them with planning year financial support, therefore allowing these public charter school leaders to fully focus on state requirements necessary to open their public charter schools. By not focusing 100% of their time to opening their public charter school, many public charter school leaders in the planning year fail and do not open a school.

•    The Accelerator program connects public charter school leaders with private investors who believe in the program’s mission and are willing assist these schools with a high potential of success in obtaining facility and operational funding avenues.

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